Writing a Java Profiler in Pure Java

Unser nächster Vortrag von Johannes Bechberger dreht sich um das Thema Profiling in Java.

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Der Vortrag findet am 17.07.2023 um 19:00 Uhr bei LivePerson Germany GmbH in P3 1-3, 68161 Mannheim statt.


Ever wondered how a Java profiler works? Many people are afraid of Java profilers. But profilers aren’t rocket science: A usable Java profiler can be written in less than 300 lines of pure Java code.

This talk will give the fundamentals of Java profiling and how Java profilers typically work, followed by a detailed explanation of how to develop a functioning profiler in a few lines of Java code. This talk will also explain how you can use it in production to analyze performance issues and show briefly how to work with a widely used open-source profiler that is based on the same principles.

The talk is based on my blog post https://mostlynerdless.de/blog/2023/03/27/writing-a-profiler-in-240-lines-of-pure-java/


Johannes Bechberger is a JVM developer working on profilers and their underlying technology in the SapMachine team at SAP. This includes improvements to async-profiler and its ecosystem, a website to view the different JFR event types, and improvements to the FirefoxProfiler, making it usable in the Java world. He started at SAP last year after two years of research studies at the KIT in the field of Java security analyses. His work today is comprised of many open-source contributions and his blog, where he writes regularly on in-depth profiling and debugging topics.

Blog: mostlynerdless.de, Twitter: @parttimen3rd

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