Migration from SVN to Git in a real-world environment: A comprehensive retrospective


Der Vortrag findet am 25.06.2014 um 19:00 Uhr in der Uni Mannheim A5, 6 im Raum C013 statt Anfahrtsbeschreibung.


There is a large variety of commercial and open-source tools that promise almost effortless migration from SVN to Git. Provided, of course, that the structure of the repositories does not have to change (much). But when the requirements of a migration grow to encompass drastic changes in the structure of the repositories, in the build infrastructure as well as an revamp of almost the entire software development process of a company, things get really interesting really fast. This talk will present and discuss the technological, managerial and organizational challenges and solutions of the ambitious and successful migration from SVN to Git at fluid Operations. The talk will be held in English.


Michele Mancioppi is a software engineer at SAP, where he keeps himself busy with Java, JavaScript, SAP UI 5 and HTML5 development. A few months ago, he got the perfect opportunity to spread his passion for Git, Gerrit and SCRUM inside fluid Operations, a virtualization management company based in Walldorf.