Refactoring to Java 10, 40 Jenkins Features and Plugins You Wished You Had Known!


Registration is optional, but for planning we would still prefer registration on our Meetup page.


06.03.2018 at 19:00h at Uni Mannheim A5, 6, room C013 (How to get there).


The talks will be held in English.


Refactoring to Java 10

A sneak peek at the features that will (likely) be in Java 10. For each feature, we’ll explain what it’s trying to accomplish, what it’ll probably look like (with code examples!), and how you can already prepare your source code so that you’ll be ready once these features are released. For a few of these, we’ll show you how Project Lombok can bring the future to you, today!

We’ll explain:

40 Jenkins Features and Plugins You Wished You Had Known!

Did you know that an average Jenkins installation has around 100 plugins installed to build and deploy software? And more and more plugins are added every day? Together with the new features in the weekly releases, Jenkins attempts to stay current in a competitive Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tooling landscape.

The downside of all these possibilities is that it is hard to wrap your head around what is possible with Jenkins and what are best practices.

At a rate of 1 tip per minute I’ll take you through some core and advanced features to successfully unleash the full potential of Jenkins in your CD process. Tips are applicable to both Jenkins novices and pros. So even if you know the differences between Declarative and Scripted Pipelines, you’ll probably pick up some new tricks.


Roel Spilker Reinier Zwitserloot has been interested in programming language evolution ever since he started working with Java professionally 15 years ago. As a result, together with Roel Spilker he is the inventor of Project Lombok, a compiler/IDE plugin to bring the java programming language into the next decennium.

Joep Weijers is a Build Master at TOPdesk with a keen interest in delivering quality software continuously. He loves playing around with Jenkins Pipelines, Selenium, Docker and keeps in touch with his inner developer by educating his colleagues on testable Java code.